Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2)  
  KLIA2 Construction Progress  

The KLIA2 terminal is first designed to cater 30 million passengers a year, measured around 150,000 sqm, and scheduled to complete in April 2012 for a total cost of 2 billion Ringgit.

During its construction phase, the KLIA2 terminal is revised to 257,000 sqm with the capacity to cater up to 45 million passengers.
Originally, KLIA2 was to be only a two-storey building, but this has been increased to an equivalent of nine storey, for a three-level terminal comprising separate departure, arrival and ground support equipment areas.

The cost is increased to 3.6 billion Ringgit, and it is rescheduled to open on April 2013.


KLIA2 Construction Timeline


MAHB has also made provisions for a fully automated baggage handling system although there has been earlier requests for a non-fully automated one.

To cater for higher passenger traffic, MAHB has also drawn up plans to accommodate the superjumbo Airbus 380 aircraft, as well as premium lounges, for enhanced passenger comfort.

Under its current construction plan, MAHB has provided for the construction of four hotels and a public shopping mall next to the terminal.

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